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Terms & Conditions

Booking your racket in for a restring with DVRS implies full acceptance of our T’s & C’s


  1. While we promise to take the utmost care of your racket, we will not accept responsibility for any damage while in our care. Hairline cracks are not always visible and the application and release of high tensions can (very rarely) lead to a frame breakage. To put this in perspective, this has happened twice in twenty two years!
  2. Strings cannot be guaranteed. Different players wear out their strings at different rates depending on how hard they hit the ball, how often they play, what tension they have rackets strung to etc. Strings usually break owing to gradual wear and tear or attrition, most frequently somewhere central near the “sweet spot”. However, sometimes strings suffer a “catastrophic” break, usually close to the frame which is most often caused by a mistimed, off centre hit. The string cannot flex enough here and consequently snaps prematurely. Sometimes premature breakages can occur if the grommets break or become sharp and again the string may snap near the frame. More durable strings can help prevent these breakages but not eliminate them. Fortunately, they are relatively rare.
  3. Your personal information is kept purely for our use and in accordance with GDPR regulations. Our customer database allows us to quickly locate your stringing history with us to enable the same string/tension to be repeated or adjusted if desired. We will not share your data with third parties.
  4. Please remember to bring ID when collecting your racket after restringing as it will not be released without this. The best thing is to bring your mobile device with your confirmation of restring email.
  5. While we prioritise customers requesting rapid turnarounds, we cannot guarantee to meet these but will refund any extras paid if we fail to complete the job in time.


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